Species removal simulation. At each simulation step, all interactions of a target species are removed, and the number of other species isolated by that loss is evaluated. The simulation is run until all species are isolated. The area below the extinction curve measures the community robustness to the loss of species. Random: species are randomly removed. Non-native: the target species are randomly drawn first among non-native species and later among native species. Native: target species are randomly drawn first among native species and later among non-native species. Degree: the species with the highest number of interactions is first removed, gradually removing those with the lowest number of interactions.

  Part of: Rosa DM, Monteiro AB, Faria LDB, Pompeu PS (2023) The influence of non-native invertebrate species in the food web structure of two Neotropical reservoirs. Aquatic Invasions 18(2): 277-293. https://doi.org/10.3391/ai.2023.18.2.103850